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This Will Be A Lot Easier If You Just Admit That I’m Right.


“Best thing since Sliced Bread.” -Times New Roman

“Wow I can’t believe such a perfect human exists!” –Totally not Tyler Feeding his own Ego

“Help I’m being forced to write a good review for this blog” -Ryan Reynolds

  • Blog Post 1

    November 19, 2019 by

    Disclaimer: Tyler love his family very much even though this next post might seem as if he does not. Siblings, the people who make you question every definition of patience in every language, on every planet. I am the oldest of four children, it goes me(17, if you haven’t figured that out yet), my sister(who… Read more

  • That’s It! I’m Moving to Mars.

    April 23, 2020 by

    I can’t do it anymore people, I’m loosing my mind here. The Covid-19 has crossed one too many lines and now I’m putting up my white flag as a sign of surrender. It can have the planet, I’ll go inhabit a new one, preferably mars because it has the most potential of having livable conditions.… Read more

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